Week of February 24-February 28

This week we read Eric Carle’s Rooster’s Off to See the World, which tells the story of a Rooster who goes on a journey around the world but fails to plan many key aspects of his trip.


This week’s vocabulary words were homesick, trip, journey, horizon, lonely, and world.

Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about the book:

1. Who did the Rooster invite on his trip around the world? (2 cats, 3 frogs, 4 turtles, 5 fish)

2. Why did the Rooster invite these friends? (he was lonely)

3. What did the Rooster forget to do? (Plan the trip, bring food, provide shelter)

4. What did the animals do then? (They all left)

5. What did the Rooster do at the end of the story? (He went home too, ate some grain, fell asleep, and dreamed about a trip around the world)

6. Would you go on a trip around the world with the Rooster? Why or why not?

In math, we are finishing our subtraction unit and we will begin moving on to decomposing numbers.

This Thursday marked our 100th day of school. Throughout the year, we have been counting each day of school until our 100th day and we finally have met our goal! Our day was filled with 100th day of school activities such as assembling 100th day puzzles, drawing 100 gum balls, writing 100 words, dressing up like a 100 year old, and counting 100 items of food! Check out some of our photos from this special day!





Thank you to all of the parents who brought in food for our counting party! You made our 100th day a success!




1. Be careful out there! Lots of winter weather coming our way on Monday.

2. New snack calendar went out on Friday for March. Please remember your snack day 🙂

3. Money for the African Dance Performance is due on Monday, March 3rd. The price is $3.

4. Have a great weekend!



Week of January 27th

This week was a short but crucial week for us in kindergarten!

In literacy, we learned about our nation’s first president, George Washington, through a book called George Washington Visits. This book, a historical fiction selection, tells the tale of Daniel and his father, a former soldier in the Revolutionary War. In the story, George Washington is coming to town and Daniel helps his father get ready for the celebration.


The vocabulary words in this story that we learned were celebration, blacksmith, soldier, sprinted, arch, and barn

Want to know more about the story? Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about the book: 

1) What did Daniel’s father do before becoming a blacksmith? (correct answer: he is a soldier in the Revolutionary War)

2) What does Daniel’s father think of George Washington? (answers will vary! Daniel’s father thinks George Washington is a brave, determined leader) 

3) What does Daniel and his father do to celebrate George Washington coming to town? (correct answer: create a flower arch for George Washington to ride under)

4) What is special about George Washington? (answers will vary! He was a general, he was president, he is on money, etc.)













In math, we have spent the last 2 weeks focusing on ADDITION. Addition is a crucial skill to master in kindergarten and everyone did a fantastic job! Many friends spent their math center time engaged in fun addition centers to help solidify their skills! This week, we will put our addition skills to the test and take our topic test! 










Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about addition:

1) What does the plus sign tells us to do? (correct answer: put things together or join)

2) What does the equal sign tell us? (correct answer: the equal sign tells us our sum or how many we have in all when we add)

3) What is another word for the answer or how many we have in all? (correct answer: sum) 



A BIG thank you to all the parents who attended parent-teacher conferences! We had a great turn out. If you were unable to attend conferences, check in with me for rescheduling!




*New month = new snack calendar! Check your child’s folder for this month’s snack calendar. 

*Turn in your “Intent to Return” form ASAP to reserve your child’s spot for next year! 1st grade — woo hoo!! 







Week of December 2nd

Happy December, families!

I hope that you had a restful Thanksgiving break and are ready for holiday season.

This week, our class has been engaging in some exciting content! In we finished reading “A Bed For the Winter” which told us about all of the different places that animals make homes during the winter. For instance, we learned that several animals make nests–squirrels, birds, and even ants! This book followed the quest of a doormouse who hunted for a safe, warm place to sleep during the winter time. After checking out several places, she found the perfect spot: inside a tree trunk!

Our sight words this week were “for” and “he.” Students took turns making up their own sentences using these words as well as drawing pictures to go along with their sentences.

We have been discussing the /i/ sound over the last week. This includes beginning /i/ sound words like iguana and igloo as well as medial /i/ sound words like pig and wig. Students generated their own lists of words that had the /i/ sound.

In math, we have been going over numbers 11-20. In our activities, we have been reading, writing, and counting these numbers. We have been practicing these numbers on worksheets, our smartboard, and whiteboards.

International Day is on December 11th and our class has the countries of England and Australia. We will be discussing the Christmas traditions of these countries and making art to represent them!

In the upcoming week, we will be reading and discussing Jack and the Beanstalk and counting past the number 20.


-December 13th is a halfday!

-There is no school on December 20th!






Halloween Week! Week of October 31st

Happy Halloween Week!

This has been a jam-packed week for us in Room 209!

Monday marked our FIRST field trip of the year. We traveled to the French Embassy in NW DC to see a dramatic retelling of some interesting Maltese folktales. Although our field trip was short and sweet, we were able to broaden our horizons during that time by learning about another country’s folktales and discussing how they differed from our own.

On Tuesday, we went on another field trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH! This is a very popular field trip each year and Cox Farm did not disappoint! At the pumpkin patch, we spent our day mingling with farm animals, munching on kettle corn, and sliding down volcano slides. At the end of our trip, every child took home a pumpkin of their choice! It was a fun, active day on the farm!

Thursday marked Amos 2’s Harvest Festival. Students were invited to wear costumes of their favorite storybook characters. Our class had a lot of princesses and super heroes! At the end of the day, Amos 2 held a parade outdoors in which all classes participated and showed off their contests. Students were also treated to candy, face painting, and other fun Harvest Festival activities.

While we have undoubtedly had an exciting week, we, of course, have still managed to fit in time for our academics. The letter that we have been working on this week is the letter S! Students spent the week exploring this letter, which included writing both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter, generating lists of words that begin with S, and drawing pictures of S-words.

Additionally, we have been reading a book called Nature Spy! This book is about a little girl who loves to go into nature and look closely at all of the things that she sees. Some of the things that she likes to spy on are the golden eyes of frogs and the lines in leaves. Our class took turns discussing what kinds of things they would like to spy on if they were a nature spy and on Friday, we took turns passing around rocks and shell and we looked at them very closely with magnifying glasses!! It was a very meaningful experience for our students because they began to see things they saw in the book come to life!

In math, we have continued working on comparing numbers. This week, we looked at whether numbers were greater than 10 or less than 10. Comparing numbers can be a tricky concept but overall, our class did a stellar job with it! They remembered that GREATER THAN means BIGGER and that LESS THAN means smaller!

Looking ahead to next week, there will be a parent-teacher conferences sign up on the table outside of the classroom. Conferences will be held on November 8th. There is no school that day but parents are encouraged to come in and meet with me to receive their child’s report card and go over it with me! If for some reason you are unable to attend on Friday, don’t sweat it! We will find a time next week or the week after to chat! Just let me know.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you on Monday.













Week of October 21-25

Happy end of October!

We had a nice, full week of school. This week was actually Growing Healthy Schools week so we had some exciting visitors! On Monday, a chef visited Amos 2. Our class, along with Ms. Baker’s friends, were treated to an awesome chef demonstration. The chef came and discussed healthy eating. She created a fantastic dish that consisted of cabbage, apples, and raisins. Almost all of our friends enjoyed tasting it! 


On Wednesday, a dietician visited our classroom. She spoke to our class about what it means to eat like a rainbow–lots of colors on our plate. Together, we colored pictures of fruits and vegetables, which gave our class a visual of what eating like a rainbow looks like. 

This week, we have worked on the letter A. We created a word map consisting of words that begin with the letter A. Some of the words that we thought of were astronaut, apple, angel, and alphabet. 

We also have 2 new sight words this week—the words “have” and “is.” 

One of the new books that we read this week is called “Flowers.” It is a nonfiction book that talks about the parts of a flower. We created a KWL chart as a class. Some of the things we knew about flowers was that they smell good, they come in many colors, and you can pick them. Some of the things we want to know about flowers are what kinds of flowers there are, how much water do they need, and what kind of soil do they grow in. We will continue working with this book next week and hopefully finding some answers to our questions!

We have also been going over what good readers do. The first thing that good readers do is that when they are reading, they look for a pattern in the book. This is when words repeat. A lot of the books we have been reading repeat our sight words like “I” and “am.” Another thing that good readers do is when they encounter a tricky word, they look at the picture for help.


In math, we have been working on comparisons. We have been comparing whether numbers are greater or less than 10 and then whether or not numbers are greater or less than 5. One way we remember “less than” is that it is the “littler number.” “Less” and “little” both start with L! This is a tough concept to learn but our class has been working hard to understand! This is definitely a concept that we will revisit. 

Have  great weekend! Stay warm 🙂



-French Embassy Field Trip on Monday. This is free! Please sign permission slip. Please bring a bagged lunch. CHAPERONES NEEDED!!

-Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. Please bring a bagged lunch. $15 per person. Dress your child in sturdy boots and dress them warmly.

-If you are unsure of your snack day, consult the snack calendar outside of the classroom. If possible, bring juice as well as snack.





Week of October 7 — October 10

What a gloomy week it has been! The weather has made it a bit difficult for us to have playtime outside but we have made the best of it!

This week, we have been working extensively with the letter Tt. We have discussed what sound T makes, what a lower and uppercase T looks like, as well as generated words that begin with T such as Tichella, tent, and toaster. We read a fun poem called “Tick, Tick, Tock” in which some children came up to the poem and circled where they saw a letter T.

We have read 2 new and exciting books this week! First, we read Frederick, another classic Leo Lionni book. Frederick tells the story of a field mouse who is a budding poet. Students spent some center time drawing pictures of Frederick as well as their favorite parts from the story.


Next, we read Dragons Love Tacos, which quickly became a class favorite! This story tells us some new facts about dragons. For instance, they LOVE tacos but they CANNOT eat spicy salsa! Students created their own tacos and practiced spelling out words from the book using their knowledge of the alphabet.


In math, we have been counting and writing numbers 1-10. We are also making sure to count to 100 each day! On our 100th day of school, we will be having a big party to celebrate!




3) If you signed the permission trip for the PUMPKIN PATCH, make sure to include the $15 to go on the trip.

4) We are going on a free field trip to the French Embassy! Make sure to sign the permission slip in your child’s Friday Folder.

5) Chaperones needed on both trips 🙂 Please come!

Week of September 16 – September 19

Can you believe another week of school has already gone by?!

This week has been filled with assessments. Unfortunately for our class, assessments definitely aren’t the most fun things in the world BUT they will help us gauge what level each student is on.

This week, we have spent a lot of time with the -ug family. We have been discussing all of the words that are in the-ug family, such as bug, rug, mug, and slug! In our literacy centers, we played rhyming bingo and worked with rhyming jars to improve our skills.

In math, we have begun comparing groups of objects to each other. Which group has more? How many more does it have? This can be a tricky topic so we will be spending some time next week reteaching the main concepts.

Picture day was Thursday, September 19th! Everyone had their best smiles on for their pictures!

Sadly, our class is still having a difficult time during specials. Please encourage your children to behave when Ms. Shea and Ms. Betty are their teachers.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing snack! We have had a lot which is fantastic!


  • If you child doesn’t have a blanket, consider bringing one for nap. Our nap isn’t as long as pre-k4 but our day is very long and the children need all the rest time they can get.

I’m having some technical difficulties with my computer so no pictures yet but I promise they will be coming soon!!

Have a great weekend 🙂


Welcome to Room 209’s Blog!

Happy first few weeks of school!

In the digital age that we are living in, I decided to create a blog for our classroom. This blog will be updated on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis to give you a glimpse into our classroom. It will serve as our “weekly newsletter” instead of the more traditional paper form that typically gets lost, misplaced, or crumpled in a backpack! 

Through this blog, I hope to provide a more in-depth look into our classroom as well as strengthen home-school connections. I will post pictures of the students, activities to do at home, reminders from the school and so much more! Check back often for updates from our classroom!