Week of February 24-February 28

This week we read Eric Carle’s Rooster’s Off to See the World, which tells the story of a Rooster who goes on a journey around the world but fails to plan many key aspects of his trip.


This week’s vocabulary words were homesick, trip, journey, horizon, lonely, and world.

Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about the book:

1. Who did the Rooster invite on his trip around the world? (2 cats, 3 frogs, 4 turtles, 5 fish)

2. Why did the Rooster invite these friends? (he was lonely)

3. What did the Rooster forget to do? (Plan the trip, bring food, provide shelter)

4. What did the animals do then? (They all left)

5. What did the Rooster do at the end of the story? (He went home too, ate some grain, fell asleep, and dreamed about a trip around the world)

6. Would you go on a trip around the world with the Rooster? Why or why not?

In math, we are finishing our subtraction unit and we will begin moving on to decomposing numbers.

This Thursday marked our 100th day of school. Throughout the year, we have been counting each day of school until our 100th day and we finally have met our goal! Our day was filled with 100th day of school activities such as assembling 100th day puzzles, drawing 100 gum balls, writing 100 words, dressing up like a 100 year old, and counting 100 items of food! Check out some of our photos from this special day!





Thank you to all of the parents who brought in food for our counting party! You made our 100th day a success!




1. Be careful out there! Lots of winter weather coming our way on Monday.

2. New snack calendar went out on Friday for March. Please remember your snack day 🙂

3. Money for the African Dance Performance is due on Monday, March 3rd. The price is $3.

4. Have a great weekend!



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