Week of January 27th

This week was a short but crucial week for us in kindergarten!

In literacy, we learned about our nation’s first president, George Washington, through a book called George Washington Visits. This book, a historical fiction selection, tells the tale of Daniel and his father, a former soldier in the Revolutionary War. In the story, George Washington is coming to town and Daniel helps his father get ready for the celebration.


The vocabulary words in this story that we learned were celebration, blacksmith, soldier, sprinted, arch, and barn

Want to know more about the story? Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about the book: 

1) What did Daniel’s father do before becoming a blacksmith? (correct answer: he is a soldier in the Revolutionary War)

2) What does Daniel’s father think of George Washington? (answers will vary! Daniel’s father thinks George Washington is a brave, determined leader) 

3) What does Daniel and his father do to celebrate George Washington coming to town? (correct answer: create a flower arch for George Washington to ride under)

4) What is special about George Washington? (answers will vary! He was a general, he was president, he is on money, etc.)













In math, we have spent the last 2 weeks focusing on ADDITION. Addition is a crucial skill to master in kindergarten and everyone did a fantastic job! Many friends spent their math center time engaged in fun addition centers to help solidify their skills! This week, we will put our addition skills to the test and take our topic test! 










Here are some wonder questions you can ask your child about addition:

1) What does the plus sign tells us to do? (correct answer: put things together or join)

2) What does the equal sign tell us? (correct answer: the equal sign tells us our sum or how many we have in all when we add)

3) What is another word for the answer or how many we have in all? (correct answer: sum) 



A BIG thank you to all the parents who attended parent-teacher conferences! We had a great turn out. If you were unable to attend conferences, check in with me for rescheduling!




*New month = new snack calendar! Check your child’s folder for this month’s snack calendar. 

*Turn in your “Intent to Return” form ASAP to reserve your child’s spot for next year! 1st grade — woo hoo!!