Week of December 2nd

Happy December, families!

I hope that you had a restful Thanksgiving break and are ready for holiday season.

This week, our class has been engaging in some exciting content! In we finished reading “A Bed For the Winter” which told us about all of the different places that animals make homes during the winter. For instance, we learned that several animals make nests–squirrels, birds, and even ants! This book followed the quest of a doormouse who hunted for a safe, warm place to sleep during the winter time. After checking out several places, she found the perfect spot: inside a tree trunk!

Our sight words this week were “for” and “he.” Students took turns making up their own sentences using these words as well as drawing pictures to go along with their sentences.

We have been discussing the /i/ sound over the last week. This includes beginning /i/ sound words like iguana and igloo as well as medial /i/ sound words like pig and wig. Students generated their own lists of words that had the /i/ sound.

In math, we have been going over numbers 11-20. In our activities, we have been reading, writing, and counting these numbers. We have been practicing these numbers on worksheets, our smartboard, and whiteboards.

International Day is on December 11th and our class has the countries of England and Australia. We will be discussing the Christmas traditions of these countries and making art to represent them!

In the upcoming week, we will be reading and discussing Jack and the Beanstalk and counting past the number 20.


-December 13th is a halfday!

-There is no school on December 20th!