Halloween Week! Week of October 31st

Happy Halloween Week!

This has been a jam-packed week for us in Room 209!

Monday marked our FIRST field trip of the year. We traveled to the French Embassy in NW DC to see a dramatic retelling of some interesting Maltese folktales. Although our field trip was short and sweet, we were able to broaden our horizons during that time by learning about another country’s folktales and discussing how they differed from our own.

On Tuesday, we went on another field trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH! This is a very popular field trip each year and Cox Farm did not disappoint! At the pumpkin patch, we spent our day mingling with farm animals, munching on kettle corn, and sliding down volcano slides. At the end of our trip, every child took home a pumpkin of their choice! It was a fun, active day on the farm!

Thursday marked Amos 2’s Harvest Festival. Students were invited to wear costumes of their favorite storybook characters. Our class had a lot of princesses and super heroes! At the end of the day, Amos 2 held a parade outdoors in which all classes participated and showed off their contests. Students were also treated to candy, face painting, and other fun Harvest Festival activities.

While we have undoubtedly had an exciting week, we, of course, have still managed to fit in time for our academics. The letter that we have been working on this week is the letter S! Students spent the week exploring this letter, which included writing both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter, generating lists of words that begin with S, and drawing pictures of S-words.

Additionally, we have been reading a book called Nature Spy! This book is about a little girl who loves to go into nature and look closely at all of the things that she sees. Some of the things that she likes to spy on are the golden eyes of frogs and the lines in leaves. Our class took turns discussing what kinds of things they would like to spy on if they were a nature spy and on Friday, we took turns passing around rocks and shell and we looked at them very closely with magnifying glasses!! It was a very meaningful experience for our students because they began to see things they saw in the book come to life!

In math, we have continued working on comparing numbers. This week, we looked at whether numbers were greater than 10 or less than 10. Comparing numbers can be a tricky concept but overall, our class did a stellar job with it! They remembered that GREATER THAN means BIGGER and that LESS THAN means smaller!

Looking ahead to next week, there will be a parent-teacher conferences sign up on the table outside of the classroom. Conferences will be held on November 8th. There is no school that day but parents are encouraged to come in and meet with me to receive their child’s report card and go over it with me! If for some reason you are unable to attend on Friday, don’t sweat it! We will find a time next week or the week after to chat! Just let me know.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you on Monday.