Week of October 7 — October 10

What a gloomy week it has been! The weather has made it a bit difficult for us to have playtime outside but we have made the best of it!

This week, we have been working extensively with the letter Tt. We have discussed what sound T makes, what a lower and uppercase T looks like, as well as generated words that begin with T such as Tichella, tent, and toaster. We read a fun poem called “Tick, Tick, Tock” in which some children came up to the poem and circled where they saw a letter T.

We have read 2 new and exciting books this week! First, we read Frederick, another classic Leo Lionni book. Frederick tells the story of a field mouse who is a budding poet. Students spent some center time drawing pictures of Frederick as well as their favorite parts from the story.


Next, we read Dragons Love Tacos, which quickly became a class favorite! This story tells us some new facts about dragons. For instance, they LOVE tacos but they CANNOT eat spicy salsa! Students created their own tacos and practiced spelling out words from the book using their knowledge of the alphabet.


In math, we have been counting and writing numbers 1-10. We are also making sure to count to 100 each day! On our 100th day of school, we will be having a big party to celebrate!




3) If you signed the permission trip for the PUMPKIN PATCH, make sure to include the $15 to go on the trip.

4) We are going on a free field trip to the French Embassy! Make sure to sign the permission slip in your child’s Friday Folder.

5) Chaperones needed on both trips 🙂 Please come!


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