Week of October 21-25

Happy end of October!

We had a nice, full week of school. This week was actually Growing Healthy Schools week so we had some exciting visitors! On Monday, a chef visited Amos 2. Our class, along with Ms. Baker’s friends, were treated to an awesome chef demonstration. The chef came and discussed healthy eating. She created a fantastic dish that consisted of cabbage, apples, and raisins. Almost all of our friends enjoyed tasting it! 


On Wednesday, a dietician visited our classroom. She spoke to our class about what it means to eat like a rainbow–lots of colors on our plate. Together, we colored pictures of fruits and vegetables, which gave our class a visual of what eating like a rainbow looks like. 

This week, we have worked on the letter A. We created a word map consisting of words that begin with the letter A. Some of the words that we thought of were astronaut, apple, angel, and alphabet. 

We also have 2 new sight words this week—the words “have” and “is.” 

One of the new books that we read this week is called “Flowers.” It is a nonfiction book that talks about the parts of a flower. We created a KWL chart as a class. Some of the things we knew about flowers was that they smell good, they come in many colors, and you can pick them. Some of the things we want to know about flowers are what kinds of flowers there are, how much water do they need, and what kind of soil do they grow in. We will continue working with this book next week and hopefully finding some answers to our questions!

We have also been going over what good readers do. The first thing that good readers do is that when they are reading, they look for a pattern in the book. This is when words repeat. A lot of the books we have been reading repeat our sight words like “I” and “am.” Another thing that good readers do is when they encounter a tricky word, they look at the picture for help.


In math, we have been working on comparisons. We have been comparing whether numbers are greater or less than 10 and then whether or not numbers are greater or less than 5. One way we remember “less than” is that it is the “littler number.” “Less” and “little” both start with L! This is a tough concept to learn but our class has been working hard to understand! This is definitely a concept that we will revisit. 

Have  great weekend! Stay warm 🙂



-French Embassy Field Trip on Monday. This is free! Please sign permission slip. Please bring a bagged lunch. CHAPERONES NEEDED!!

-Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. Please bring a bagged lunch. $15 per person. Dress your child in sturdy boots and dress them warmly.

-If you are unsure of your snack day, consult the snack calendar outside of the classroom. If possible, bring juice as well as snack.






Week of October 7 — October 10

What a gloomy week it has been! The weather has made it a bit difficult for us to have playtime outside but we have made the best of it!

This week, we have been working extensively with the letter Tt. We have discussed what sound T makes, what a lower and uppercase T looks like, as well as generated words that begin with T such as Tichella, tent, and toaster. We read a fun poem called “Tick, Tick, Tock” in which some children came up to the poem and circled where they saw a letter T.

We have read 2 new and exciting books this week! First, we read Frederick, another classic Leo Lionni book. Frederick tells the story of a field mouse who is a budding poet. Students spent some center time drawing pictures of Frederick as well as their favorite parts from the story.


Next, we read Dragons Love Tacos, which quickly became a class favorite! This story tells us some new facts about dragons. For instance, they LOVE tacos but they CANNOT eat spicy salsa! Students created their own tacos and practiced spelling out words from the book using their knowledge of the alphabet.


In math, we have been counting and writing numbers 1-10. We are also making sure to count to 100 each day! On our 100th day of school, we will be having a big party to celebrate!




3) If you signed the permission trip for the PUMPKIN PATCH, make sure to include the $15 to go on the trip.

4) We are going on a free field trip to the French Embassy! Make sure to sign the permission slip in your child’s Friday Folder.

5) Chaperones needed on both trips 🙂 Please come!