Week of September 16 – September 19

Can you believe another week of school has already gone by?!

This week has been filled with assessments. Unfortunately for our class, assessments definitely aren’t the most fun things in the world BUT they will help us gauge what level each student is on.

This week, we have spent a lot of time with the -ug family. We have been discussing all of the words that are in the-ug family, such as bug, rug, mug, and slug! In our literacy centers, we played rhyming bingo and worked with rhyming jars to improve our skills.

In math, we have begun comparing groups of objects to each other. Which group has more? How many more does it have? This can be a tricky topic so we will be spending some time next week reteaching the main concepts.

Picture day was Thursday, September 19th! Everyone had their best smiles on for their pictures!

Sadly, our class is still having a difficult time during specials. Please encourage your children to behave when Ms. Shea and Ms. Betty are their teachers.

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing snack! We have had a lot which is fantastic!


  • If you child doesn’t have a blanket, consider bringing one for nap. Our nap isn’t as long as pre-k4 but our day is very long and the children need all the rest time they can get.

I’m having some technical difficulties with my computer so no pictures yet but I promise they will be coming soon!!

Have a great weekend 🙂



Welcome to Room 209’s Blog!

Happy first few weeks of school!

In the digital age that we are living in, I decided to create a blog for our classroom. This blog will be updated on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis to give you a glimpse into our classroom. It will serve as our “weekly newsletter” instead of the more traditional paper form that typically gets lost, misplaced, or crumpled in a backpack! 

Through this blog, I hope to provide a more in-depth look into our classroom as well as strengthen home-school connections. I will post pictures of the students, activities to do at home, reminders from the school and so much more! Check back often for updates from our classroom!